Monday, October 26, 2009

Divine Influence!

Have you all seen the new fab and fun blog for some Divine Influence and inspiration? It is called none other than, The Divine Influence. A few weeks back, Leanne, one of 2 of the Divine Girls, had contacted me, and asked if she could showcase some of my work. I was thrilled and so excited to be asked. Well, today is my day to be showcased on their blog. You can see it HERE. I sure hope that you go and visit The Divine Influence blog. It is packed full of yummy inspiration from all around the world! Thank you Leanne! :)

We finally closed on the house on Friday! Whew! That was stressful! Now we have the stress of moving everything! Yippee!! LOL I can't wait until it is all finished! Thank you again for all your sweet warm wishes. It is what kept me going!! :)

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite Christmas projects from last year! My favorite time of the year! Christmas will be here in less than 2 months! Holey Moley! Where did this year go??!

Wooden Altered JOY
Ice Skate Box (Inspired by Linda Albrecht)
Sleigh Box
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will check back soon, during the move. I will be having a giveaway soon!! ;) So stay tuned for that!

Hugs and much love...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yay...I'm finally published!!

Hi everyone! Boy, have I missed this blog and all of you! I am taking a break in my packing to share some exciting news with you all...yes, we still haven't closed...I'm so bummed..unexpected delays with the seller...but we should be closing this coming week...I'll keep you all posted. Thank you so much for all your sweet well wishes! They mean more to me than you'll ever know! Hmm...I may just need to have a giveaway soon, to show you all how much I appreciated it!! Fun!

I have finally been published in CardMaker Magazine! No getting bumped for advertising space this time!! Woo-Hoo! :) I have 2 cards in the November issue that is in stores now! I am so thrilled and excited! These are the 2 cards that are in there!

Happy Winter Snowflake Ornament/Card {Page 19}
Happy Birthday Star Card {Page 20}
If you want to know how to make them, check out the mag!! ;)

Well, I better get back to packing..ughh! I miss you all and will be back again real soon! I have a couple of Dirty Dozen projects I want to share with you! Stay Warm!