Monday, November 11, 2019


Hi Friends, last month we introduced Candlewick Sampler and this month we are introducing a small companion collection that drives home that sweet Candlewick look.  We introduce these so that there is a central place you can see them and how they are used; we hope you will welcome Candlewick Classics.  If you loved Hemstitch Classics like Hemstitch Rectangles then you'll love the individual new dies options in the 6 die collection.  These are basics you'll definitely want to evaluate for your stash.

A Bit About Candlewick Classics

Nowhere does the candlewick look and feel come through more than on the Candlewick Classics.  It's a delicate look reminiscent of actual candlewicking and punctuated by the rounded motifs that imply french knots.  Candlewick Classics are classic square, circle, oval and rectangle label shapes that are bordered with the candlewick motif in the most useful card making sizes.  They also mix and match with the Hemstitch Classics. 

What is Candlewicking?  Browse the google images found when searching "Candliewicking" and you will see that it is a type of whitework embroidery normally done on cream or white fabric embellished with cream or white french knots.  The series of french knots create the outlines of the pattern giving it a unique look while adding a touch of elegance.  In these dies, you can see rounded motifs that hint at the texture of dots.  Without overpowering, it's a sweet little detail present on all the dies in the collection.  Plus, it just happens to be the perfect spot to place a pearl.  Google candlewicking and you'll see exactly what we mean.

My Projects For Today:

I'm introducing S4-1035 Candlewick Circles Etched Dies

                   Nestabilities Candlewick Circles Etched Dies Candlewick Classics Collection by Becca Feeken

Here is what the Plates actually look like.

Circle Dies are one of those Die sets that you can always use. The versatility in them are endless. I just love the inlay on these dies. So pretty! I decided to make a place card setting for my Fall table using these dies. I made some cute perfectly round pumpkins with the Dies. :)

I added some sticks from my yard to the "pumpkins" to act as stems, dressed them up with some pearls, fabric leaves, twine and ribbon.

For my Next Project, I made a simple card with these beautiful Dies. This is one set that you need in your crafty stash, for sure!

These plates are available right now on the Spellbinders website —–> HERE

In the meantime, be sure you leave a comment on this post and every Creative Team Members for a chance to win an Amazing Paper Grace Die from any previous collection from Becca's Die of the Month offerings.

There are three dies that are up for GIVEAWAY.  Three names will be randomly picked from comments left on the combination of our six blogs on the Introducing Candlewick Classics post between November 11 and November 17, 2019, at midnight US Central Time.  We encourage all of our international friends to participate!  The randomly selected names will be announced on the Amazing Paper Grace Blog on November 18th.  (All giveaways for this hop are managed by and the responsibility of Amazing Paper Grace).

Up for grabs is an Amazing Paper Grace die of your choice Becca's Die of the Month.  These dies are typically only available to club members however you can win your choice of any die that has not already sold out.

There will be a total of three dies and a winner can win once among all the blogs.  If your name is selected, simply claim it within 2 weeks of the announcement by sending your address through the form under the Contact Tab on the Amazing Paper Grace Blog.  There won’t be a reply back but if you leave your choice, we’ll get it, I promise.    The dies will be mailed out from Amazing Paper Grace.  (Please note:  Please be patient, your dies will come, we promise!)

Our Creative Team has inspiration for you today :-)
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We're honored to have a Guest Designer creating with us this month so as soon as you're done with the hop, pop over to Henriette van Mierlo's Blog to see the incredible designs she has been creating and leave her some love!  Her newest Amazing Paper Grace creation is --------HERE

Thanks so much for joining us for the Introducing Candlewick Classics Blog Hop.  We look forward to bringing you lots of sweet inspiration with these dies!

Have fun hoppin' along! :)



Teresa said...

This is such an adorable idea... love those little pumpkins :)

Jean said...

This is such a unique idea. Love the cute little pumpkins. Thanks for sharing

Ann said...

Love the lilac card!! Georgous!

Barbara said...

I really like the pumpkins. The card is beautiful.

Kasia Handmade Cards said...

Beautiful projects your work is gorgeous.

marilynwillauer said...

Oh my, I’m head over heels in love with your projects, especially the fall ones.

bhappetat said...

Love the pumpkins! Very pretty!

Lori Podolsky said...

The originality of your pumpkin card is amazing! Your projects are gorgeous, especially the last one (love the intricate details). xx

Becca Feeken said...

You are one clever woman!! I love your idea with the pumpkins, it's absolutely precious!!!

TLady said...

Your pumpkins are SO CREATIVE, Melissa!!! AND YOUR CARD IS, STUNNING!!!! HOW ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)<3 said...

Such Lovely dies. So clever, the pumpkins.

Gretchen Wilson said...

Very creative and absolutely darling!💜🤗

Linda Grape said...

Cute pumpkins and a lovely card🥰. Thank you for sharing!

Quinty girl said...

Love how you used the die as pumpkins. The second card is gorgeous.

Wendy Thompson said...

Absolute beautiful Melissa

PatS said...

Love your pumpkin table idea! Also like your beautiful card
This Candlewick line of dies is awesome!!

Patricia Manhire said...

Lovely projects!

Diane17Lynne said...

You call your cards simple, I call them elegant. Love the colors you used, This is a must have collection of dies.

Louise H. said...

You are so inventive. What a clever idea. YOur table will look lovely.

Crafty Cruiser said...

Absolutely fabulous! So clever!
Doreen R

Jean said...


Sue D said...

Beautiful card and I like your pumpkin place card settings.

SHartl said...

What a fun way to use these candlewick circle dies...and they look beautiful with patterned papers!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

What a clever, and fun way to use this die set!

Rozy said...

Beautiful projects. I think the pumpkins are so cute. And the card is wonderful. Love all the purples.

Denise Bryant said...

Love the way you've used these beautiful Candlewick Circles! Fabulous project!

shabbypinkhouse said...

Love your pumpkin place setting! I would've never thought to use the dies that way! Your card may be simple, but it is gorgeous! This die set is a must have! tfs Hugs, Christine

gltinnola said...

How cute is that place setting!

Carol Rossouw said...

These are absolutely stunning dies used to great effect on your beautiful projects!

SandArt said...

Your purple card is so incredibly beautiful you have my mind racing on how I can create one! Thank you so much. You've done your job well because having these dies just became a priority. (My hemstitch dies get a lot of use, so I know what a great investment they are.)

fusiafscrapping said...

Love this project! May need to try this!

Karenladd said...

I already love how these new candlewick dies look in white and metallics but your purple design is gorgeous! The dies take on a whole new look when you add patterns and color.

Lori said...

Such cute pumpkins! And I love the card as well. Thank you!

Connie L. Riley said...

Hello Melissa, Great idea using the dies to make round pupmkins for place setting tags. I'm getting ready for a dinner party and had forgotten all about place cards until I saw your examples! I also loved the card you made with my favorite color! Thanks for sharing your talent.

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You have shown how versatile these dies can be - very nice.

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Circle Dies are one of those Die sets that you can always use. The versatility in them are endless. I just love the inlay on these dies. So pretty! I decided to make a place card setting for my Fall table using these dies. I made some cute perfectly round pumpkins with the Dies. :)