Thursday, October 19, 2017

♥ May His presence GIVE strength ♥

Hi there friends! I'm stopping in today with another card I made with a new fabulous die from Amazing Paper Grace for Spellbinders. It is from the new Chantilly Paper Lace Collection and it is called Annabelle's Trousseau Layering Frame Medium Etched Dies. Becca has done it again! Another "Amazing" new line of dies! This die set is so beautiful!!

Love the intricate details on these dies.. They are beautiful, classic and elegant!

These dies are definitely ones that you will be using over and over again! Just stunning!

♥ I also have a winner from our Chantilly Paper Lace Blog Hop! Anita Braddock you are my winner! Please contact Becca for your prize!! Congratulations Anita! ♥

Hope you have a super AMAZING day!



newbie85 said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL card, Melissa! I love how you made this into a card without using a regular solid card base, if that makes sense!!! Could you please tell me HOW you did that??? Thank you!

SandArt said...

Hi, Melissa,
Wow, this card is so lovely. All these Chantilly Lace dies are so beautiful, I really don't have a favorite. After viewing your card, I think this one will be in my "cart" soon!
Thank you for this treat for my eyes today!

Colleen said...

Gorgeous and love the color combination too

TLady said...

These dies just take my breathe away! Your card is GORGEOUS! AND the sentiment is LOVELY! STRIKINGLY DONE with all of the layers you've used! ;)

Oscar Fernandez said...

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Rufina Bello said...

Very nicely organized the cards and the color combination.
Thanks Melissa.