Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Candy for a Cause!

Please visit Andrea's blog, Crafty Engineering She has started this to help a beautiful baby girl named Francesca, who was born by an unplanned C-Section on Dec. 1st, due to the baby showing signs of distress. She has since had a stroke and is in NICU at a Children's Hospital. It is a heartbreaking story but also one with alot of HOPE, especially this magical time of year. So please send a card to the family (addy is on her blog) and if you can't, please send some well wishes and definitely LOTS of Prayers. Alot of people are also donating items for the blog candy. So as a Thank You from Andrea and the family you could get a chance at some blog candy. Visit HERE and send some prayers there way!


Hugs, Melissa


Crafty Engineering said...


Thanks so much for helping me spread the word regarding my RAK request! I hope you are able to send a card...I know ow busy things get at this time of year! Merry Cristmas!


Anonymous said...

I will send this off to everyone on my e-mail list and buddy list as well and we will have a prayer circle in no time for this little baby girl. god will smile down and bless this sweet child .nothing hurts more then when you have a sick child and you have no control . trust in God he never lets us down .
God Bless baby Francesca and her Mom and Dad keep the faith .

Casii said...

I'll hop over for the address and send a card.

robin said...

I will go check it out....