Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish all my friends, new and old, a Very Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful day spent with family, friends and lots of joy!

Unfortunately, last week, my Step-Dad fell and broke his leg (well, actual mangled his leg is more like it!) and is still in the hospital. He will be transported today, Christmas Eve, to a Rehabilitation Center. I am so sad that he won't be home for Christmas! So we will be there and all over tomorrow visiting family! We will be in the car more than visiting! But that's ok. As long as you spend some time with everyone that is what counts!
On Monday, we went to NYC to see the "Christmas Spectacular" show at Radio City. It is amazing! If you never saw it, you should try to make it! This was my 2nd time seeing it, but a first for my hubby and son. My son had a blast! Here are a couple of pics from the show. You can't use a flash, so they are not the greatest.

This first one is Santa in his sleigh being pulled by his "reindeers" (the Rockettes)

This next one is my favorite scene. The Nativity where they walk live animals onto the stage.

It was extrememly cold that day and the wind was a blowin'! Here is my son all bundled up, oh yeah, and my hubby's iPhone! LOL He is always on that thing!! (Actual, to be fair, he was actually calling my sister-in-law to tell her we were there! She works for a large law firm in NYC.)

And finally, the Tree and Ice Rink at Rockerfeller Center!

There is nothing like NYC at Christmas time! It is so pretty! Everything is decorated amazingly and you can actually smell the chestnuts roasting in the air from the street vendors!

Here we are right before we went into Radio City. Me and my hubby, my son, my brother-in-law, niece and nephew. My sister-in-law took the photo. We were freezing can you tell?!

And lastly, a big thank you to Andria, for giving me this lovely Blog Award! You are too sweet! Thank you! Make sure you check out her lovely blog Iona-Rose Designs!

I will be back over the weekend with a Giveaway! Until then, have a Merry Christmas filled with wonderful memories, good fun, family and friends and most of all the love of Christ, whom this day is for!

God Bless you and yours,


MaryNSC said...

O WOW that was just wonderful!! I could even feel the cold..:O)
Thanks for sharing because I will never get to go in my life time!! I am so sorry about your Step-dad. He will be home b 4 u know it.. I had a wonderful Idea have Another Christmas 4 him when he comes Home..That would be SUPER!
Merry Christmas!!!!

robin said...

looks like a wonderful time!!!

Have a great holiday!!:)

dinkey doodle said...

First Merry Christmas Sorry to hear about your Step Dad I am sure he will get better soon... Well at least you will get to spend time with your Birth Dad for Christmas that should be some comfort for you. the pix are great you looked so cold , I agree with you Keep Christ In Christmas and love for your family and friends this is a day for Family keep Christ in your heart always .

God Bless you everyone

Suzanne C said...

Merry Christmas! Wonderful pictures of you and the family enjoying the city.

Olena said...

Merry Christmas!!! Have a nice day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas !
The Pix are wonderful.. I take it that the man standing next to you at the left of the picture looking at it on here is your Husband , What a nice looking man you got a real catch there.... He is very tall you make The Perfect looking couple..and you both look so Happy, I take it the Older man Must be a Older Brother ,The children are Beautiful. You all look Very Cold. Have a Wonderful & Blessed Christmas visitng all of your family Mother's Father's and extended Family & Friends This is such a Great time of the year as Family means so Very Much. I will be back after Christmas to see if you might have posted another Beautiful design.

God Bless.


~Sasha Farina~ said...

you're making me miss NYC!! I was there for xmas in year 1999 LOL :D

*hugs* Merry Xmas :)

evafromca said...

Melissa, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I am sending love and healing light to your dad for speedy recovery. My son just fractured his ankle two weeks ago, but he is just wearing a boot and walking on crutches, thankfully, so he was able to visit me. And what a fabulous time you must have had seeing the Rockettes. I was able to see that Christmas show once, when I lived in NJ. Have a fabulous holiday season! Hugs, Eva

Rina said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Melissa to you and your family. May you all have a safe and beautiful New Years in Jesus!

God Bless~

Cheri Wenger said...

Melissa, You are making us want to do a second visit to NYC, only at Christmas time. My girls mentioned how we haven't visited Philly in a while so maybe next year we will do the Philly/NY trip! Stay warm. Looks like such fun was had by all! Hugs, Cheri

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Once again! Our Christmas was almost perfect in every way possible . We hope your Christmas was perfect as well. The weather was warm for this time of year here . with you a Very Happy New Year."2009"
Love your
with Hugs